Revive an Unconstitutional Law

Ballot Language

Constitutional amendment to require voters to provide photo identification before voting in person.



What it Does

Gives the current legislature complete power to pick and choose who is allowed to vote in 2020.

Requiring ID to vote will appeal to many voters on the surface. But voter ID laws disproportionately affect poor, rural, minority, and women voters, and that’s why the courts struck down this legislature’s 2013 voter ID law for discriminating against African Americans “with almost surgical precision.” This GOP was so blatant that they requested data based on the number and types of ID used, broken down by race, and then excluded those IDs from their previous law.

There is no outline available yet of what types of ID they would approve this time. It could be even more restrictive than before. While other states have Voter ID laws, only Mississippi has a strict photo ID constitutional mandate. There is no place for this type of requirement in our constitution. Ultimately, this legislature cannot be trusted to enact fair voter ID requirements.

For more details, please read House Bill 1092.

Issues with this Amendment

No upfront description of what types of ID would be allowed.

This amendment would allow the legislature to make a decision on types of ID after the election during a November 2018 session, choosing what types of voters they want to be eligible. For example, the 2013 Voter ID law that was struck down by the courts did not allow student IDs, government issued employee IDs, expired IDs or out of state IDs. Those forms of IDs were selected based on documented evidence requesting race based data in order to discriminate against Black and student voters.

Eliminates the power of the NC State Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the amendment.
Once it is in the constitution it is extremely difficult to challenge. This is why the supermajority will not present it as a law, which was already struck down in 2016.
VoterID is a new form of poll tax.
Voting is a Right in our Constitution, and should not require additional costs or burdens as a barrier. We’ve seen the lines at the DMV just to process RealIDs. It will be extremely difficult to provide free, eligible IDs without an implementation plan or budget provided.
Absentee Ballots do not require proof of identification.
Absentee ballots by mail are not required to provide proof of photo ID, therefore the message that this amendment is to reduce fraud is false.
Limits future technological advances.
Mandating a photo ID does not take into account future technological advances and could cause unnecessary costs and delays if required.

Developed by StrongerNC, Inc., a 501c4 grassroots organization comprised of North Carolinians who care about the future of our state and the fundamental rules of democracy. We are not affiliated with any party or candidate.