Deadlocked Ethics and Elections Board

Ballot Language

Constitutional amendment to establish an eight-member Bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement in the Constitution to administer ethics and elections law.



What it Does

Eliminates the Governor’s ability to appoint a ninth unaffiliated board member, causing potential deadlocked decisions on ethics and elections laws.

The Legislature should write the laws. But it is the Governor’s responsibility to execute and enforce them through appointments to state boards like the Board of Elections and Ethics.

This Legislature’s prior attempt to restructure the State Board of Elections to 8 members failed earlier this year at the NC Supreme Court for violating the State Constitution. This is their way of going around that ruling and manipulating the voters into agreeing to an 8 member gridlocked board which will be unable to make decisions on the voters’ behalf.

It is not a surprise that former Governors of both parties as well as six former NC Supreme Court Chief Justices have publicly opposed this amendment.

At a time when our government needs a strong system of checks and balances, this amendment eliminates checks on the General Assembly’s power.

For specific details, please read House Bill 4

Issues with this Amendment

We already have a nine member bipartisan Board of Elections and Ethics. This amendment would reduce it to eight members, increasing the chances for dismissals on election laws and voting challenges.
An eight member board will create deadlocked decisions and dismissals on cases regarding voting laws, ethics challenges and election disputes.

The Board of Elections and Ethics hears challenges to voting laws, election disputes, and ethics violations which can be brought against our legislative branch or members of it. By eliminating the Executive Branch’s ability to appoint members to this board we lose an important check on the Legislative Branch.

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